Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Decorated for Halloween

Over Labor Day weekend, I decorated my mantel for Halloween. I so look forward to taking out my Halloweenies. I only have three finished but I just love them. My goal this year is to stitch at least two more. This was such an amazing Home Study that Amy did. You cannot believe all you learn by doing a Home Study Course. The techniques, stitches and new threads you are introduced to is just amazing. I have learned so much from these courses and am a better stitcher thanks to them.

The mantel decorated. When Jake saw it he said, Oh, Wow Beautiful! You just have to love the little guy

Count Dracula



I am so proud of these pieces and am amazed every time I look at them.
Thank You, Amy.


Diane Gasior said...


It looks absolutely beautiful. Your stitching is perfect. I love that tree.

Melinda said...

Linda - the Halloween decor looks wonderful - as always! The Halloweenies are definitely the stars of the show!

Steph's Stitching said...

You should be proud. They are fantastic! Happy Halloween!

Kelly Clark said...