Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Progress on Thanksgiving House

I just finished Kit 2 for one side of the house. I now have the front and one side done for Kit 2. Will be starting side two of the house after dinner. My goal was to have all of Kit 2 done before Kit 4 arrived but I do not think that will happen. Hopefully I will stitch all of Kit 2 on my second side before Kit 4 arrives.

This is such a wonderful piece to stitch. Amy as usual has written a fantastic guide for the house. The brick and mortar work is almost done and the fun part will be starting soon. Really looking forward to working on all the details in this piece.

The front of the house. The roof shingles, black horizontal board, walls and gutter downspouts are done.

Side of the house has black horizontal board, and walls done.



Melinda said...

Oh, Linda! It looks absolutely wonderful! You have really made some great progress. Keep that momentum going!

Steph's Stitching said...

Looking so good! I am going to have to set mine aside this weekend and finish my last Christmas ornament since finishing is due Monday! Thank goodness there is only one left. Have a great weekend.