Friday, April 3, 2009

Done, Done, Done! Back from the Framer

The Mantle is back from the framer. He suggested a very fancy schmancy type frame, because we were triple matting the stitching & setting it in to look like a shadowbox. This allows the 3-D effect to show up more.

This week I finished a Melissa Shirley candy cane. I actually have 8 more I want to do for Christmas, as well as a couple of Kathy Shenkel mini socks that I ordered from my LNS. I'd like to get all the Christmas stuff done early so I don't have that pressure in the summer. I have big stitching projects planned for this summer---just you wait!!

I downloaded my instructions for the ANG April SOTM, & I actually started that last night; it seems like it will be fun & I got the pattern of the stitch set pretty readily. I also received Lesson 1 of my SNS Christmas Stitches I, which I plan to do this weekend.

Busy, busy!! Denise


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...


This is gorgeous and the frame is perfect for the piece. I like how it echoes the garland. Then I found the mouse's head peeking out of the stocking and laughed.

I love how this turned out and hope you have many glorious Nights Before Christmas with this on your wall in your future!

Edy said...

Beatiful frame augmanting fabulous stitching. I might have that hanging all year round, not just at Holiday time.