Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We have an issue

Cara & I are having a serious disagreement.  Apparently, she thinks this cute little kitten, with his lovely ribbon flowers, is a toy.  She's been walking around the house with the kitten in her mouth, sleeping with him.....and just hanging out with him.  I have never seen Cara try to do serious harm to him....but that just means I haven't caught her. 

This kitten is a cutie, isn't he?  He's a little stand up, and his tail wraps around him, making him quite 3-D. I got him at Rita's Needlepoint in NYC, and came up with the idea for the ribbon flowers on my own.  Most of the kitten's body & sweet little face is done in tent stitch, to give added dimension to the flowers.   This fellow was actually here before Cara & Mia, so he's a little insulted with being carted around like a fetch toy. 

Anyway, I had to put the kitten inside a cabinet, to keep him away from Cara's attention, at least for now.  

I got another candy cane done, leaving me 6 more to do.  And Linda told you about our wonderful class with David McCaskill at Ridgewood Needlepoint.  As soon as I make some progress with that canvas, I'll post a photo.  


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Napa Needlepoint said...

Not a needlepoint story, but a cats and toys story.

When I was pregnant with my eldest, I bought an adorable stuffed bear and brought it home. My Dh wasn't home, so I showed it to my kitten.

The cat, Ninja, thought it was hers and carried it everywhere. If we put it under pillows, she'd find it. If we put it high, she'd climb up and get it.

And the bear was half her size.

The kids never much liked that bear.

Keep Stitching,