Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Latest Accessory

I just picked up my latest accessory for my System 4. I ordered the table clamp. It really is going to work out great for classes. I hated lugging around my System 4 floor stand. Now I have a very portable frame holder to take classes. I am planning on using it when I go to Amy's on May 15. I tried it out and it is really going to work out well for me. Denise ordered the table or lap System 4 to take to classes. She tried it out during the David McCaskill class at Ridgewood. She really liked it. I am too short for it to work for me. My arms are not long enough to reach that far. I just love all the needlepoint accessories. I guess I am really an accessory girl.
Joseph is almost done. He should be finished by tonight or tomorrow. As soon as I have him finished, I will post a picture. I am very happy with the way he came out. Just have to finish up the background. My next project will be the third All That Glitters Ornament. I am really staying on schedule with all my monthly projects.


Jane said...

I'm so IMPRESSED! I haven't finished Mary yet. You go, girl.

ChitownStitcher said...

Denise and Linda, You may want to check with Amy's to see if the clamp will work. I have taken mine to classes and found that it just wouldn't clamp correctly on some tables. Of course now I couldn't tell you what the problem was, but I stitching with the canvas on the table using the clamp for a frame weight.