Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Favorite Books

Ruth Schmuff has put her Stitch CDs Volumes One and Two into book format. What an absolutely wonderful idea. There are 300 plus stitches in each book. The stitch diagrams are big and easy to read. It is so easy to determine the pathway of a stitch. Another great feature of the stitch diagrams is that they are broken down into steps. The first step is in one diagram and the second part of the stitch is in another diagram and so on. Sometimes it gets confusing to follow the number sequence in complicated stitches and this makes it so much easier. The books are broken down into stitch types arranged alphabetically and the index at the end of each book is also alphabetical. Even if you have the CDs I would recommend getting the books. I have both and feel that is just easier to go through the book while stitching and designing your stitch guide and then once you have your stitches your can print them out from the CD if needed.
These would make a wonderful addition to your needlepoint library. I can see them being referred to frequently. I have not even put mine away yet. I am using them to help me with stitches for Jake's mini stocking. Great job Ruth! Thank you for two wonderful reference books.


Kelly said...

My books were on the doorstep on Friday night. Don't you just LOVE them?

Denise & Linda said...


I really do love these books. The graphs are just the best.