Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sterling Bags - A Great Experience

Today, it is very rare to find a company that stands behind their product and when you do, you have to let people know. I found one such company in Sterling Bags.
My Sterling Bag was purchased in February from Amy's and I just loved it and the canvas that I had custom painted for the insert. In June, when I went to Amy's for my Cook-Up Class, I took my bag with me. I used the bag while in Memphis and then changed to my running around bag when I returned home. I was very upset to discover that in the bottom corner the leather had worn away. Usually, I would just let it go but I decided to email the company. Within a couple of hours, I heard back and was told to send the bag back to them and they would replace it. I got an email the other day that they had received my bag and a new one would be shipped out to me on Monday. I never expected to get a response let alone a replacement bag. Sterling is certainly one company that stands behind their product. I love their products and would highly recommend them. Cannot wait to get one of their Kindle covers when them come out sometime after the Winter Trade Show. Sterling gets an EXCELLENT RATING for standing by their product and customer satisfaction.

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