Monday, July 26, 2010

Shepherd Is Finished

Just finished the Shepherd yesterday. What a fun stitch he was. Amy as always amazes me with the stitches she comes up with. The lamb's ears are detached needleweaving. Having Amy's DVD makes it so much easier to do a technique you are not familiar. Watching Amy actually stitching the ears showed me the proper way to do them plus her helpful hints were what made the ears look so good. I am a visual person and watching DVD # 7 really was helpful. The Home Study Stitch Guides are detailed enough to accomplish any stitch in the guide but if you have Amy's DVDs watching Amy demonstrate how to do a stitch you are not familiar with or just want to make sure you doing it the right way is helpful. It is like being class with Amy. I am off to start Mama and Baby Lambs today. I should make the Christmas cut off for finishing without any problem.
I know there has been some discussion about some needlepoint stores not being very welcoming or helpful. I count myself as being very lucky in that I have had only one bad experience with a shop in California. I had called them inquiring about a stitch guide and when they found out that I already had the canvas they hung up on me. Needless to say they will never get any business from me.
I have also been blessed to have had exposure to three outstanding teachers - Amy Bunger, Tony Mineri and Ruth Schmuff. All three are very different but each one brings out the best in you as a stitcher. How very lucky we are to have such talented people who love their art and are also willing to share their talents with us.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Love your shepherd's curly hair and beard!

I also love the fact that you guys have added a list of favorite shops. This is really helpful for folks who haven't developed favorites themselves who need a shop reference. Thank you!

Jane, waving from CH where we Heart our shop owners

Melinda said...

Beautiful stitching, Linda! I love that series. If I hadn't already stitched a nativity series, this one would certainly be on my "to stitch" list. I agree with you about Amy's DVDs. Her guides are fabulous but sometimes seeing something stitched just makes all the difference. The DVDs are a worthwhile investment!