Sunday, November 25, 2012

It Is Beginning To Look Like Christmas

I have been decorating and cleaning for three days and am finally ready for Santa.
Cannot wait to see Jake's face tomorrow when he sees everything is done.
The highlight of my decorating is taking out my Nativity and setting it up on the mantel. This was the first Home Study from Amy that I did. I am so proud of this project. It introduced me to a totally new world of needlepoint.
We purchased a new tree this year. I wanted a slim line tree and am very happy with it. My goal for this year is get more needlepoint ornaments completed for it.
I am presently working on a Princess and Me ornament called Anticipation. Will post a picture during the week.

The tree

My mantel and coffee table
Will do some close-up pictures so you can really appreciate the Nativity and the few needlepoint ornaments I have.
Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Please keep Melinda from Living the Good Life blog in your thoughts and prayers.
Her brother passed away suddenly on Friday. I spoke with her today and she is holding up as well as can be expected.


Steph's Stitching said...

Oh, dear. I am so sorry to hear about Melinda's brother.
On a happier note, your house looks fantastic and I can't wait to see close-ups!

Diane Gasior said...

The house looks beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more this week. I am so sorry to hear about !Melinda's brother. I will leave her a note.